BNI – Frequently Asked Questions

What is BNI ?

BNI is a focused Referral Marketing organisation with a strong ethical foundation.

I need more business, how can you help?

If you join a chapter near you, you have the opportunity to inform the other people in the group how to find referrals for you. In turn it would be good if you returned the favour and found referrals for them.

Is this a pyramid scheme?

No this is not a pyramid scheme. Think rather of a hub with radiating spokes to the wheel. At the end of each spoke is another hub with more spokes. This is lateral and all have equal opportunity based on the effort they put in to help others.

There are a number of networking groups, what is so unique about BNI?

BNI only allows one person per profession in a chapter. By joining you prevent your competition from joining.

So after I joined, what do I get?

After you join you gain access to the support of a diverse group of business professionals like yourself that will learn to assist you and after trust has been assured a two way path of referral passage can begin.

So everyone can join BNI?

We acknowledge that this method does not suit all people. If you decide this is what you would like to get involved with you may apply and after your references have been checked you may be approved and invited in. You may visit a chapter twice only while you decide whether or not to join.

Is BNI only for small business?

BNI has members from small SMEs and also representatives from large corporations. A lot depends on the area where the chapter is situated as to the nature of the businesses it attracts. Wealthier larger cities attract wealthier larger businesses.

What is a chapter?

A chapter is a group that meets regularly, bound by a code of ethics that allows one professional category within an Industry. For instance several financial or legal categories may agree to coexist in a chapter for mutual benefit.

What will my responsibilities be once I join a chapter?

Your responsibilities will be to attend the entire business meeting and participate fully. If you cannot attend a given meeting you may within reason send someone to represent your business for that meeting.

Your philosophy is givers gain, what does that mean?

Giver’s gain is the timeless “what goes around comes around” or “if you help me I will help you”. “As you do to others will be done to you”.