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BNI South Africa-Protection of Personal Information

As a matter of courtesy and in Terms of the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI), BNI does not disclose ANY database details including details of members or users who showed interest by submitting personal information via our website or affiliate websites to any organisations or individual /s requesting such. It is our policy that information in our data base and any personal information of any member or user are for the use of BNI members and administrative personnel only. On our Chapter websites member profiles are visible but the member has control over what personal details are shown. There is a fine line between hiding your information and losing business as a result and taking the risk of possible spam attacks. The member is responsible for this decision.

We respectfully request that in the process of referral passing be it telephonic or digital, that all parties first seek permission before disclosing personal information between referral partners.

All private information submitted is SSL encrypted. For peace of mind please view our SSL Digital sertificate more.