Knowledge is power

BNI News – April 2016

There is a well-known saying “Knowledge is Power” and this is very true in the modern business world. Business owners need knowledge to make sure that they are ahead of their competition all the time.

Thanks to technology we have access to a wide variety of information sources. We literally have information access “at our fingertips”. Let’s have a look at a few:

Sources of Knowledge

a. The internet

Yes, the Internet is great and there you will be able to find different kinds of information. The Internet provides instant access to websites that have valuable content, training videos, TED talks, podcasts and eBooks to name a few.

We also have completely free access to the mighty search engine, Google. There is just no argument that one will find solutions to various problems by doing a Google search.

There is however one small problem; and that is the huge amount of information that is available to you. Just search “starting a business” and instantly 1 070 00 000 results are returned. It would take a business owner some time to identify the most suitable information based on his/her search criteria.

b. Books

If you are a business owner or if you are considering starting a business then there are a number of books available for you to read.

The British entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson published a few books. His autobiography and “Screw it Let’s do it” are two good books to read. The books are both inspirational and motivational.

Another very popular series of books are from Robert T. Kyosaki. Some of his books include Rich Dad Poor Dad and Cash-flow Quadrant.

Closer to home there is excellent advice in books written by Raymond Ackerman. These are easily available in Pick & Pay stores.

I can really recommend the books of the authors for any business owner, whether you are starting up or if you are already in business.

A unique source of information

In previous newsletters we highlighted some benefits of joining a BNI chapter.

A clear cut benefit is the access to information that you will get if you join a chapter.

I refer to the wealth that you can learn for the experiences shared by fellow members in your group.

In a BNI chapter there are a number of members, each practising a different profession. These members form not only part of your sales team but also your “Information” team. Their advice and assistance may carry the price of their professional knowledge and experience, but you will have access to like-minded, ethical business owners who understand the pitfalls of starting and running successful businesses.


While Richard Branson, Robert T. Kyosaki and Raymond Ackerman among many others, offer a lot of advice in their books it would be difficult for them to answer every question they might receive from business owners all over the world.

Your fellow BNI members, on the other hand, might be able to assist; so why not give them a chance to help you to grow your business. In BNI we build long term relationships with our fellow members and we encourage members to learn about each other’s businesses. By doing this you create a sense of knowledge among members about your business. Once they understand your business they will be able to give valuable advice accordingly.

Feel free to visit a chapter in your area and see how they will be able to add value to the growth of your business.

By Fritz Els and Beth Levin, BNI Head Office South Africa