2016-Is there light in the tunnel ?

BNI News – March 2016

Switch on your TV, radio and open the newspaper (or your electronic device for that matter) and we are overwhelmed with negative news. High crime levels, uncertain political and economic times dominate the media today. Economists warn consumers to “tighten the belt”, if there is place to tighten.

For business owners the outlook is also negative. We have to continuously find ways to stay competitive, we have to keep a close eye on spending and we will not be able to increase staff salaries above inflation, which nowadays is a daydream.

Yes, times are tough…

Light at the end of the tunnel

In an ideal world one would have a business that grows in an upward and downward economic cycle. In other words your business is always growing despite what difficult times we are facing.

But sadly, to find that concept can be challenging.

The good news however is that BNI provides a platform for business owners to continually grow their business. When you join BNI you are given the opportunity to build long lasting relationships with like-minded business owners. You will meet every week with fellow business owners where you will be given the opportunity to tell members and visitors about your business.

These like-minded business owners (I call them colleagues) will be out in force to represent your business, not only once a week but 24/7. These colleagues are also with you when the economy is trending downwards, to support you and to refer business to you.

This might sound too good to be true, but I challenge you, complete this form and visit a chapter to see how BNI will benefit your business, the visit is completely free, you just have to pay for the meeting venue fee which covers a meal/your breakfast.

So, grab this challenge and see for yourself how bright the light in the tunnel is.

This year forward

When you do indeed join BNI we make sure that we give you all the necessary tools to grow your business, you will receive proper training and your fellow members are also available for advice.

From head office we realise that business owners are always looking for news, tips and advice to grow their enterprises. We will soon be starting a podcast series where we will hold discussions with various industry leaders about the local business environment. Make sure to visit the site on a regular basis.

I also encourage business owners to read our monthly newsletter from last year, there are great articles that will assist you.

By Fritz Els and Beth Levin, BNI Head Office South Africa